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Ipswich Dentists Coderin Tocca and Anthony Griffin

Lighthouse Dental Practice provides general dental services focusing on quality, durability and a friendly professional approach. We are based in the centre of Ipswich, and are easily accessible by public transport as well as being close to several car parks.

Our practice philosophy is to help our patients to reach and enjoy long-term dental health. In order to achieve these goals, we emphasise the importance of prevention, since, as it is well known, prevention is always better than cure. By following our advice, we are confident that our patients will be able to reduce the need for future dental treatment.

However, if treatment is necessary, we will always endeavour to perform it with the outmost care and to the highest standards.

We actively encourage our patients to communicate freely with us about any aspect of their care so we can adapt our ways of working according to everyone’s individual needs.

Ipswich Dentist Codrin Tocca and his dental team emphasise patient comfort by having a calm, reassuring and professional approach to dental treatment in our dental practice. We offer good guarantees for procedures that can be guaranteed and follow strict hygiene guidelines.

Latest News!

Everybody loves good news and the truth is that for the most of us, our dental health is improving. This is due to dental prevention.

Unfortunately, in the last few years we have repeatedly been reminded that for an increasing minority (primarily children) dental decay can still cause major problem with pain, sleepless nights and hospital admissions.

But it does not have to be that way.

Lighthouse Dental Practice has for years tried to spread the word on dental prevention

To find out how to look after your teeth and to increase your chance of avoiding unnecessary pain, visit our pages on dental prevention.

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