Nervous dental patient

Hypnotherapy can help people who have problems with:

  • Needle phobias
  • Dental fear
  • Dental anxiety
  • Gagging response

Dental anxiety, fear and phobia are all related terms, yet distinctive.  Many people use them interchangeably and all produce similar physiological and cognitive responses in the body.  Hypnotherapy deals with those responses quickly and effectively.

Dental fear

Dental fear is described as a reaction to a known trigger or stimulus.  This reaction is usually emotional and physical causing feelings of panic, rapid heartbeat, sweating along with other numerous states associated with the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome or stress response.

Dental anxiety

Dental anxiety on the other hand is a non-specific feeling of unease.  The dentally anxious patient will feel apprehensive, have negative thoughts and imagine that negative experiences will occur during an appointment.  Often dental fear and dental anxiety go hand in hand.

Dental phobia

Dental phobia is an intense fear of something: needles, the noise of the drill, the smell of the surgery for example.  Often people will avoid seeing a dentist unless they have to and only attend emergency visits.  A patient with dental phobia will usually be extremely fearful and display poor coping skills, which perpetuates the negative cycle of imprinting the phobia further on the patient’s mind. 

Phobias and fears are produced by internal anxieties that become associated with particular situations. All phobias have a cause and do or perhaps did, have a purpose – otherwise they couldn’t or wouldn’t exist. Phobias and fears tend to get worse over time unless help is sought.  They can be caused from learned behaviour from parents however, the most common cause is some event or incident from the past that provoked overwhelmingly powerful emotions.  So powerful and intense are these emotions that ‘nature’ decides enough is enough and tries to protect as best it can, by burying or bottling up them up out of reach.  It is often these hidden or repressed memories and emotions that can and often will, create a phobia or anxiety, to serve as a warning of the approach of some potentially similar incident.  The good news is that you were not born with a phobia, fear or anxiety.  It is something you have learned and can be overcome.

How hypnotherapy can help

Using hypnotherapy, we find and release the emotions which originally caused or created the problem. We re-evaluate past experiences and re-process them so they no longer have any effect on the body or mind.  With the release of these old bottled up emotions and re-processing of the experiences, the phobia and anxiety disappear.