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Testimonial 1

"If you are looking for a really skilled, kind, sensitive and gentle dentist with a friendly and helpful team of assistants, receptionists and hygienists, I would warmly recommend Dentist Codrin Tocca at the Lighthouse Dental Practice. I've been his patient for many years, and I travel an hour by train to see him because I have awful teeth and he is the most talented and caring dentist I've ever met. He really cares about his patients and makes you feel comfortable and safe; he is a true professional, totally dedicated to his work and his patients.."

S.M. 15 Sept 2010

Testimonial 2

"I cracked a tooth earlier on this year and was not with a dentist so I made a few phone calls and ended up at one dentist. I was not very happy/comfortable with his initial assessment so I then did some research on the Internet and came across the website for The Lighthouse Dental Surgery.

I liked the personal touch which the website touches on, and the testimonials from other patients regarding Dentist Codrin Tocca and the staff.

I made an appointment to have a second opinion of the work that I needed. I liked the way I was treated and the options available, which were all explained very clearly.

I then went ahead with having the work that I needed doing with Dentist Codrin Tocca. It was 5 months of sometimes pretty intensive work, and I can quite honestly say that at no point was I ever in pain and Dentist Codrin Tocca always made sure that I was very comfortable during the treatment.

I now have some lovely new teeth with all the treatment being completed. I have had many compliments and it does make a difference to your self-confidence!

So it is a very big thank you to Dentist Codrin Tocca and all the staff and I will be back next year!! ."

JK 21 Sept 2010

Testimonial 3

"I have recently recommended Dentist Anthony Griffin to a friend, and am indeed confident in having done so, because I have always been more than happy with the treatment I have received. Dentist Anthony Griffin has a very friendly, pleasant manner and understands the importance of procedures being clearly explained to help allay any nerves.

I was always a nervous patient but no longer have any worries about a forthcoming dental appointment. "

ML 15 September, 2010

Testimonial 4

" I saw Dentist Codrin Tocca as an emergency patient having been in severe pain for two days. The roots of that tooth were treated at that emergency appointment, even though it took nearly one hour to do - and with great relief I left the surgery "pain free". I returned at a later date to have the treatment completed. I have also had some treatment on a further tooth.

Each time I have been treated with great care and respect with Dentist Codrin Tocca making sure the treatment was as pleasant as any treatments can be. I now have two teeth which hopefully will last me quite a few years which I thought I was going to lose and each one has been skillfully reconstructed so it looks exactly like I have got two perfect teeth.

My family will be seeing Dentist Codrin Tocca for all our dental care regularly and with confidence."

SP September 2007

Testimonial 5

"Dear Codrin

Thank you so much for seeing me last Friday. It was a great relief to be in your care again and the tooth is much better and all the swelling has gone down. I'll be back on the 15th of August - meanwhile have a great holiday. With thanks and best wishes"

SM July 2008

Testimonial 6

I am so impressed. After years of hiding my smile, I now feel confident and happy to show the changes created by Dentist Codrin Tocca. From teeth with gaps for over twenty years, I now have a full smile that makes so much difference.

TG Feb 2009

Testimonial 7

Dear Mr. Tocca,

You won't remember me but I just had to write to you to thank you for something that happened over four years ago.

I had an abscess and hadn't been to the dentist for twenty or so years due to having a phobia from a bad experience I had from a, shall we say, less than pleasant dentist.

I wasn't sure which dentist in Ely to choose but decided on Mr. Vincent's practice in Newnham Street. I had my first appointment with you and as you can imagine I was very anxious, in tears and in pain. You were so kind and patient with me and I never forget that experience. I think I saw you a couple of more times before you left the practice.

Since then I have gone to the dentist every year and had two fillings (one actually this morning!). It started me thinking that it was only down to you that I have been able to resume regular visits to the dentist.

I still get anxious, as I know most people do but the horrible phobic fear has gone. Please accept my genuine and heartfelt thanks. I'm only sorry it has taken me 4 years to let you know very much you've helped me.

All the best to you and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Mrs S T Oct 2010

Testimonial 8

"I highly recommend Dr Tocca of the Lighthouse Dental practice in Ipswich. I hadn't been to a dentist in years, even though two teeth had fallen out, gums receding, it was a mess. Dr Tocca and his staff couldn't have been nicer or more understanding about such a complete phobia. Part of the problem was that I, an intelligent professional, was so desperately embarrassed about my teeth and about the phobia, and that embarrassment just made everything worse in a continual vicious spiral.

When I first went to see him, he invited me to sit in the dental chair - well I refused, backed into a corner and burst into tears. He was totally unfazed by this, not judgmental, or trying to make me change my mind, just really interested in helping. In fact, at that first meeting, he was quite happy just to have a first look in my mouth while I was still standing in the corner sobbing. He didn't say anything negative (though he would have been quite justified) like "well you are a fool to let your teeth get like this" or "ooh, this is a nasty mess".

I came back and had two separate sessions, both with IV sedation. What really gave me confidence in him was that both times there were two nurses, one to monitor my vital signs, and the other just to check I was ok. In the first session, the sedation started to wear off after a while, and the second nurse noticed I was becoming conscious and Dr Tocca stopped what he was doing, explained how much longer he was going to be and asked if I wanted more sedation. I said yes, the whole process stopped for 10 minutes while the next dose of sedation took effect, and then he finished off the work.

He was patient, kind, understanding and helpful throughout, and always makes you feel in control. He explains what he is going to do and why, in just enough detail, so that you feel informed, but without telling you so much that you are terrified."

9th June 2013

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Testimonial 9

"Well pleased with treatment & service; thoughtful skilled Dentist and pleasant helpful staff".


11th January 2013

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